Unsavory [adjective]

Definition of Unsavory:

revolting, sickening

Synonyms of Unsavory:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unsavory:

Sentence/Example of Unsavory:

It is too high ever to be reached by any unsavory odors from the Back Bay.

Yes; it has an unsavory odor, as M. de Treville used to say.

Its manifestations are all abominable in his eyes, and unsavory in his nostrils.

When skilfully concocted and properly seasoned, not at all unsavory.

The colds were caused by the northeast wind of unsavory reputation!

It is impolite to mention him, as though his name were as unsavory as his odor.

The street is and always has been narrow, and, from its proximity to the fish-market, is and always has been unsavory.

Then Brinnaria ventured a second visit to the unsavory locality.

Now Mr. Max leered about the table and contributed his unsavory bit.

These days, any online game you play is filled with all kinds of unsavory sorts.