Appetizing [adjective]

Definition of Appetizing:

tasting very good

Synonyms of Appetizing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Appetizing:

Sentence/Example of Appetizing:

The big black pots swinging from the cranes had bubbled and gurgled and shaken and sent out puffs of appetizing steam.St.

It was not, however, pere Kontzen's terrace nor his appetizing fried dishes that drew them on.

The savory ham was very appetizing, the Deacon was very hungry, and the argument was sophistical.

The steaming coffee and hot milk and the fresh white bread Apollonie had prepared looked very appetizing to him.

But we must all eat every day of our lives, and appetizing food prettily served adds much to the comfort of the day.

After getting your mouth all made up for oats, it's pretty disappointing to chew on nothing more appetizing than an iron bit.

When we think of or see appetizing food, this secretion is given out in considerable quantity.

For a time the gentle simmering of the appetizing dish was the only sound to be heard.

The very furnishings of this library were intellectually and spiritually appetizing.

The Greasy Spoon isn't an appetizing name; not appetizing to men who live a sedentary life.