Heavenly [adjective]

Definition of Heavenly:

very pleasant

Opposite/Antonyms of Heavenly:

Sentence/Example of Heavenly:

Dates and walnuts were considered luxurious, and the taste is certainly heavenly, so that could be the connection.

I cannot reconcile the idea of a tender Heavenly Father with the known horrors of war, slavery, pestilence, and insanity.

But with no Devil the belief in a merciful and loving Heavenly Father becomes impossible.

But this theory of a merciful, and loving Heavenly Father is vital to the Christian religion.

These are the only possible means for conveying heavenly truth or future history to our minds.

And also was betokened the certain glory in reserve for all others favoured with increased heavenly light, and enabled to believe.

Cash and I tried to sleep on kitchen roof but the darned mosquitoes fed up on us and then played heavenly choir all night.

Ever since, he has been specially attentive and greets me with a face of really heavenly brightness.

Yet I am not sure that, for the sake of certain purely heavenly hours, I would not go through it all again.

The music was truly heavenly, and Imolus at once awarded the victory to the god of the lyre.