Palatable [adjective]

Definition of Palatable:

delicious, agreeable

Opposite/Antonyms of Palatable:

Sentence/Example of Palatable:

The fruit of which they partook freely was quite sweet and palatable.

Was it not the very curiousness of his relationship with Ingram had made it so palatable?

Nothing can be taught that is not palatable, and nothing is now palatable but what is funny.

Add a saltspoonful of black pepper and a palatable seasoning of salt.

How to transform the left overs into palatable and wholesome dishes.

He next attacked the crust of bread, but found it too dry to be palatable.

Had he said on the day of judgment, the assurance would have been as palatable to M'Cormick.

It was bitter, but the addition of sugar and vanilla made it palatable.

It is a healthy and palatable vegetable, easily digested when cooked.

The sailors, eager for a taste of fresh meat, kindled a fire and roasted the flesh, which they found tender and palatable.