Objectionable [adjective]

Definition of Objectionable:

not nice; unpleasant

Opposite/Antonyms of Objectionable:

Sentence/Example of Objectionable:

But, there is a much higher ground on which this absence of beer is objectionable.

But, at least, let me believe that I am not objectionable to you.

Perhaps the mother was an objectionable, or even a wicked woman.

But the most objectionable thing in the mass is its mercenary character.

The flavor is good, but the thick skin and muskiness in taste are objectionable.

The skin is thick and tough but is not objectionable in fruit fully ripe.

I read the letter myself, and it was only objectionable on the score of its vanity.

“That may have been the most objectionable thing possible,” I said.

The long-hopper closet is also objectionable, for the same reason.

Says he: "It may not be so objectionable when applied to some national gathering."