Insufferable [adjective]

Definition of Insufferable:

horrible, intolerable

Synonyms of Insufferable:

Opposite/Antonyms of Insufferable:

Sentence/Example of Insufferable:

The suspense with which Louis listened to this perfidious confederation, was almost insufferable.

He might have been an insufferable young man for a poverty-stricken teacher of French to have as a fellow-lodger; but he was not.

We were here above two months, attracted by Jenny's kind heart and oddities; but driven away finally by the insufferable dirt.

It is impossible to convey an idea of the insufferable oppression of the air in the place I occupied.

Of course she will, and they'll be precisely a part of the insufferable side of her life.

She always refused to go to parties or receptions, which she thought insufferable except when there was dancing.

Adding insufferable snobbishness to his present personality was piling Pelion on Ossa.

What insufferable madness is this—to wage war with so great cost and labour, but with no pay except either death or crime?

He became to her thought a python whose coils were about her person, insufferable to the gaze backward.

But one morning her manner was so insufferable, that Katharine, without giving any warning of her intention, packed her trunks.