Repugnant [adjective]

Definition of Repugnant:

bad, obnoxious; hostile

Opposite/Antonyms of Repugnant:

Sentence/Example of Repugnant:

She had come to believe almost his theory of the future, since it was not repugnant to her prejudices.

To me, however, constituted as I am, the idea was most repugnant.

Somehow or other, the idea of her marrying anyone was repugnant to me.

Though the man was repugnant to her, she saluted him cheerfully.

The very thought of going to him for aid, after all that had passed, was repugnant to Ruth.

The whole idea and thing of a priesthood would be repugnant to Buddhism.

He had laid his hand to a repugnant business, and the burden of it was too heavy for him to bear.

That, perhaps, is why Socialism is so attractive to some minds, so repugnant to others.

Domestic slavery is repugnant to the principles of Christianity.

Yet the Russian system of to-day is quite as repugnant to every idea of justice.