Uninteresting [adjective]

Definition of Uninteresting:

boring, uneventful

Synonyms of Uninteresting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Uninteresting:

Sentence/Example of Uninteresting:

I have said enough, perhaps too much, of this most uninteresting of men!

But we will let Shakib give us a few not uninteresting details of the matter.

And our task, if a melancholy, was certainly no uninteresting one.

They were barren virtues, too unexciting and uninteresting to make any appeal.

It is in many ways not at all uninteresting to be attached to a Supply Column.

Cannot you perceive, sir, that these details are less than uninteresting to me?

How uninteresting, you must think, and she probably thinks the same of you.

An uninteresting object, indeed, to one who does not care to help her.

It is really a condensation of the facts, as the trail is shortened where uninteresting.

He said you were too uninteresting—there was so little the matter with you.