Trite [adjective]

Definition of Trite:

silly, commonplace

Opposite/Antonyms of Trite:

Sentence/Example of Trite:

Instinct is a sure guide, it always tends to what is useful and trite.

For a while they talked of trite and inconsequential things.

It would be trite to dwell on the particulars of her after story.

It is a trite remark that diamonds can be polished only by diamond dust.

This last jest is so trite to-day as to be absolutely threadbare.

It is a trite and tedious exclamation—an axiom past disputing.

Such reflections as these, however,129 are trite and must occur to every mind.

"Now then," said my companion, as this trite quotation was passing through my mind.

Many letters were sent to me—most of them trite, many of them foolish.

To be trite, I am what I am, and have accepted it calmly, as you shall in time.