Depressing [adjective]

Definition of Depressing:

discouraging, upsetting

Synonyms of Depressing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Depressing:

Sentence/Example of Depressing:

The depressing results come not during a time of sharply lower aggregate venture capital results, notably.

Still, McConaghy brings verve and a sense of adventure to an otherwise depressing tale of a doomed dream.

That’s unlikely to change any time soon, depressing, very likely, the profits for Big Oil for the foreseeable future.

I don’t care if Monday’s blueTuesday’s grey and Wednesday tooThursday, I don’t care about youIt’s Friday, I’m in loveThe news of late has ranged from dreary and depressing to downright alarming.

In the beginning, I might be sometimes not really wanting to look at news because I’m like, “Oh, this is so depressing.”

It was depressing to think of going to bed in such circumstances with the yelling of an Arctic storm for a lullaby.

In the French Mustel reed organ the first touch is operated by depressing the keys about a sixteenth part of an inch.

Peter Ivanovich Jurgenson was born at Reval in 1836, and his childhood was spent in very poor and depressing circumstances.

The severe atmosphere of that sombre apartment, wherein sat the chief of the police of the Republic, was depressing.

The seriousness of the situation assumed an even more depressing aspect.