Somber [adjective]

Definition of Somber:

sad, depressing

Synonyms of Somber:

Opposite/Antonyms of Somber:

Sentence/Example of Somber:

He caught them, caught her somber eyes too, and was amused and rather stimulated.

I had them lighted, thinking that they would brighten up the somber room.

There was a somber light in his eyes, and his lips were whitening.

Texas, as somber as a spade flush, draws Boggs into a corner.

Then slowly a somber twilight began to fall, and Axelson rose.

Blaine glanced about the rich, somber den before he replied.

He would answer only in somber monosyllables, and he never smiled.

But, dearie, it wouldn't make her any happier to see you so somber.

The camp discussions help to divert his thought from somber reflections.

He read the letter, then looked up into Roger's somber face.