Joyless [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Joyless:

Only that strange bird perched, joyless and alone, over the fire, on the pole from which the kettle hung.

As this joyless impossibility flitted across my mind, I rounded a bleak sand-dune.

After many years of joyless life, the blind grandmother had at last found something to make her happy.

This made the fourth, and the wife of only six months' standing, had a heavy and joyless heart.

The seeming loveless weather that hung over the earth and filled the air, was in joyless harmony with his feelings.

The soul that had seemed rapidly sinking into the joyless dark, was now burning clear as a torch of heaven.

A second I will sing to thee, as thou hast to wander joyless on thy ways.

Earth to me is void and cheerless, joyless in my hearth and home, Dreary without Abhimanyu is this weary world to roam!

Matsya's joyless, widowed princess, for her fate was early crost, Wept with added tears and anguish for her father loved and lost!

Owen saw the difference between joyless labor and joyful work.