Unexciting [adjective]

Definition of Unexciting:


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Sentence/Example of Unexciting:

They were barren virtues, too unexciting and uninteresting to make any appeal.

The last stage of our journey—an affair of some six hours—was unexciting.

Nevertheless, the game was unexciting, and dragged listlessly.

Their contents were as unexciting as the rain-sodden landscape.

I will not say that their mission is uninteresting, but it is unexciting.

While it might be unexciting, it did seem downright peaceful.

The study was an unexciting and comparatively comfortable room.

They were there just six days and had a very happy if unexciting time.

On this particular occasion the proceedings were unexciting and the speeches conversational in tone.

It gives me a charmed and unexciting feeling of being caressed without being loved.