Uneventful [adjective]

Definition of Uneventful:

monotonous, dull

Synonyms of Uneventful:

Opposite/Antonyms of Uneventful:

Sentence/Example of Uneventful:

Then your life has been uneventful since you jumped into the study of art?

The next seven or eight years of my life were quiet and uneventful.

But he was heartily sick of this cold and uneventful life in the Park.

The march from Gaines's Mills to the James river was uneventful.

Since then the history of Portugal has been quiet and uneventful.

The journey was uneventful, and my four men seemed in the best of spirits.

It was a peace which presaged her quiet, uneventful downfall.

"Well, we can't complain of having had an uneventful day," I said.

My journey was uneventful, and needs not to be detailed here.

Those three uneventful weeks were by no means the least trying of the long war.