Pestilential [adjective]

Definition of Pestilential:


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Sentence/Example of Pestilential:

Into its profound and pestilential depths, indeed, she can see.

The chief characteristic of Fuzby was a pestilential spirit of gossip.

Yet pestilential as is the clime, the scenery is very beautiful.

But they were filled by the pestilential dead, and I passed by without exploring them.

We got away from the pestilential Swamp and that poisonous ground.

Often they are underground, damp, and pestilential; always filthy.

Its characters are not from foreign courts or the pestilential dens of foreign cities.

Can moral defilement be any the less filthy and pestilential in man than in woman?

The smell of the house was pestilential—the entry dead dark.

Raimond, of Toulouse, languishes the victim of a pestilential fever.