Destructive [adjective]

Definition of Destructive:

injurious, devastating

Opposite/Antonyms of Destructive:

Sentence/Example of Destructive:

Most such flares develop when two neutron stars collide or there is some other destructive cosmic event.

I was so angry at the time, and I knew I needed to channel these self-destructive qualities and turn that negative into a positive.

However, as you mentioned, there are already four deaths in Washington of which the situation is less violent and destructive than that in Hong Kong.

So it isn’t surprising that too many are now grappling with serious depression, becoming self-destructive, or losing motivation for school.

We are learning the hard way about their destructive effects on society and democracy.

Blythe feels differently about baby Violet — whom she characterizes as emotionally cold and destructive.

Deer, though native in the San Juans, are destructive of prairie habitat.

In the Sierra—as in these other regions now prone to huge, destructive fires—a heavily altered landscape that was long ago torn from any natural equilibrium was largely abandoned.

Immensely destructive forces have been unleashed in our country.

The year 2020 broke disaster records across the country in destructive and expensive ways.