Productive [adjective]

Definition of Productive:

fruitful, creative

Synonyms of Productive:

Opposite/Antonyms of Productive:

Sentence/Example of Productive:

These meetings were productive of great good to the community and to individuals.

Your applying, however, to Reginald can be productive only of good to all parties.

But, to pursue the subject will be productive of no benefit, so we will let it drop.

They will see that woman was the equal, if not superior, to man in productive activity.

No other State has so little waste land or is so productive.

Kabylia he describes as a picturesque and productive region.

The least productive strips were allowed to become overgrown with grass.

Her short speech was productive of embarrassment among the party.

In the meanwhile, the secret work of Therese and Laurent was productive of results.

The effort is not only laudable, but will, I have no doubt, be productive of the most beneficial results.