Gratifying [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Gratifying:

To be quite honest, leading from a place of vulnerability and fearlessness is often lonely, and yet it’s extremely gratifying and absolutely necessary.

Moreover, the bill comes with a strong—and gratifying—range of bipartisan support, with both Democratic and Republican legislators cosponsoring the anti-corruption legislation.

How gratifying it would be to use the tough choices the virus has forced upon us to better prepare students for a future beyond the pandemic.

What made it especially gratifying, however, was that it was the first tuna melt of my life that involved no fish at all.

That is a very lofty, poetical, and gratifying conception, but it is open to one fatal objection—it is not true.

Edna had staked her father on his last venture, with the most gratifying results to both of them.

I confess that this reception is gratifying, and have no doubt but that you will also feel a pleasure in it.

I go into these details because it is my first public success, and consequently very gratifying.

To be called Thomas was gratifying, but the Mr. was quite overpowering and made Tom her ally at once.

The turnout, considering that the admission fee was fifty cents, must have been very gratifying to the Parson.