Prolific [adjective]

Definition of Prolific:

fruitful, productive

Synonyms of Prolific:

Opposite/Antonyms of Prolific:

Sentence/Example of Prolific:

Impregnated by power divine, the soil was prolific in other fruits than these.

I am afraid that this prolific letter-writing will use up Garibaldi.

For invention and improvement are prolific, and beget more of their kind.

They are the most prolific breeders—the proportion of ewes bringing twins being at least fifty per cent.

We have a green and fertile country, and round it a prolific sea.

Wonderful and prolific as nature is on land, she is infinitely more so in the sea.

Select the best and most prolific variety and the one most suited to the climate.

The cave of Adullam has always been the most prolific literary centre.

He was a prolific composer of masses, motettes, chansons and other works.

Surely that practice has not been prolific of superstitions.