Malignant [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Malignant:

Castillo’s attempt to restructure the agency led to pushback from the rank and file, ranging from malignant noncompliance to blatant racism.

Similar mitochondrial gene losses are frequently seen in cancer cells, which is partly why malignant cells can often survive conditions that other cells wouldn’t.

But in a malignant war there is injustice of ignobler kind at once to God and man, which must be stemmed for both their sakes.

Here the proud state that claimed him as her own offspring, met him with the injustice of a malignant step-dame.

Mrs. Haight regarded the radiant young hostess with a malignant stare, prudently veiled by drooping lids.

They were framed with malignant ingenuity, so as to leave no chance of escape save in open apostasy.

Harry gave a disturbed, wondering look round, on seeing Edward's air of malignant satisfaction.

The malignant deities were banished; the gods of light and warmth were dominant again; happiness and security had returned to man.

The mildest smallpox in one person can cause malignant smallpox in another, and vice versa.

The terrible plague of the Black Death that swept over Europe from 1347 to 1350 was a malignant form of the bubonic plague.