Scalding [adjective]

Definition of Scalding:


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Sentence/Example of Scalding:

Lay the lemon-rind in scalding water, to extract the bitterness.

His tears now flowed slow and scalding in the gloom that hid him from sight.

These waters are scalding hot, but are pure, excepting a trace of iron.

The dust abounds; the winds are terrible; the sun is scalding.

The fire in his body, the scalding heat that had been quenched by the cold water.

She seized a cup of scalding tea, and choked over its contents.

To these were added from time to time showers of scalding water.

When they have been scalding an hour, increase the fire till they boil.

Worn out, they gulped sandwiches and scalding coffee, tumbled into bed.

Lest he see the scalding tears in her eyes, she turned away and conquered them.