Feverish [adjective]

Definition of Feverish:

having a high temperature

Synonyms of Feverish:

Opposite/Antonyms of Feverish:

Sentence/Example of Feverish:

Roblox’s 7x valuation multiple signals just how feverish public and private markets are for tech stocks.

When the detainees arrived on June 2, at least two were feverish.

Little wonder, then, that Robinhood has grown so quickly and generated such feverish activity.

The huge leap in the 1980s led to feverish speculation that room-temperature superconductivity might be possible.

If 2020 maintains its feverish IPO pace, it’ll be thanks in large part to expected listings from buzzy tech firms like Palantir, DoorDash, and Airbnb.

Bits of paper blew aimlessly about, wafted by a little, feverish breeze, which rose in spasms and died away.

Suddenly the spaniel leapt up with that feverish, spider-like activity of the toy species and began to bark.

New and feverish desires for luxuries replace each older want as satisfied.

Towards morning the pain had lessened, and, as he slept, he seemed much less feverish than they could have ventured to expect.

When Fanny visited his room she found him wide awake, sitting up in bed with bright, feverish eyes, and crying to himself.