Unexcited [adjective]

Definition of Unexcited:

easygoing, laid back

Opposite/Antonyms of Unexcited:

Sentence/Example of Unexcited:

Yet he sat there at his noon meal as cheerful, as unexcited, as content as ever.

They would not let me see you before, saying it was best that you should be quiet and unexcited.

We confess that the Roman poet often used to leave us cold and unexcited too.

He did not reason on that unexcited sense of impersonality and detachment.

Trying to appear very casual and unexcited, he rode up the lane.

Peter was fascinated by the unexcited persistency of the man's movement.

And somehow, in a quiet, unexcited way, he became fascinated.

Diana, in her moderate, unexcited way, began to tell him what had happened.

The child was limp, unexcited, mumbling a mouthful of the mash.

"After all, Theo will have a nice evening for his drive home," she said, unexcited.