Unperturbed [adjective]

Definition of Unperturbed:


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Sentence/Example of Unperturbed:

During the return journey his mind was quite calm and unperturbed.

"I mean it won't be amusing for others," said Nick, unperturbed by this levity.

After that meeting Macey was unperturbed, but Evans was a deeply worried man.

"There's gun-men and gun-men," said Cherry Bim, unperturbed by the patent sarcasm.

“‘They that have no invention should be hanged,’” quoted Peggy, unperturbed.

And, touching his hat again, the unperturbed footman went to work.

Ugolini, unperturbed, continued to smile as he walked toward Simon.

The judge was unperturbed, as he stood, his hands clasped behind him.

Not exactly, responded the unperturbed sinner: a ticket to Chicago!

March was unperturbed by all this and of course it mattered little to me.