Undisturbed [adjective]

Definition of Undisturbed:


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Sentence/Example of Undisturbed:

The only assurance that it should be undisturbed is, that it remains unknown.

As game was thereabout abundant and undisturbed everybody was happy.

"I congratulate you on your success in evading it," observed Brentwick, undisturbed.

Your aunt and I have lived in undisturbed harmony these fifteen years.

Health is nothing but life in its normal, undisturbed action.

At any rate, I had been left in undisturbed possession of them for months.

Mrs. Felix Lorraine, can I speak with you half an hour, undisturbed?

Now that they were undisturbed, all of them were pounding away.

A lump of coal will be still as long as anything if it be undisturbed.

Granger rose up and made fast the door behind them, so that he might be undisturbed.