Lukewarm [adjective]

Definition of Lukewarm:

slightly heated

Synonyms of Lukewarm:

Opposite/Antonyms of Lukewarm:

Sentence/Example of Lukewarm:

Luca Maestri, Apple’s chief financial officer, was also said to be lukewarm on the project.

So their lukewarm support for getting the vaccine right away is a bit of a surprise.

He struggled with young voters in the primary, and several of our survey respondents told us in follow-up interviews that they’re still lukewarm about him.

None of the three stalwarts are even lukewarm about combining hot and cold segments in a big way.

Despite the mostly lukewarm reception, analysts said it’s too soon to discount Reels.

In dry weather, they are now to be watered with lukewarm water softly showered upon them, between sunset and twilight.

I ordered lukewarm baths, frequent fomentations, and the use of oil and soap, applied externally and rubbed into the body.

Her play had not been named when the principal gave lukewarm praise to those mentioned.

None of these liquids should be taken hot, but lukewarm; when hot they inflame the stomach, and produce indigestion.

Rinse it through a clean, lukewarm water; wring it lengthways, and stretch it well.