Tepid [adjective]

Definition of Tepid:


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Sentence/Example of Tepid:

So she found him in the hall, holding a cup of tepid coffee.

So Jacob said; but he was a man of tepid words, and perhaps he remembered the message too coldly.

He declared that tepid water made him feel sick, and that he wanted it fresh.

"It's all right, but I'm afraid your cocktail will be tepid," he said.

Lingard took off his hat and drew in a long sigh in the tepid breeze.

Though of a tepid personality, she was a worshipper at Hermione's shrine.

The men were absolutely sober, so I gave them each a tepid whisky-and-soda.

Blood stains may be removed from a fabric by washing with cold or tepid water.

He immediately ordered a tepid bath, and sent for a couple of leeches.

Nor was the water into which he had fallen as tepid as he had expected.