Mild [adjective]

Definition of Mild:

gentle, temperate, nonirritating

Synonyms of Mild:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mild:

Sentence/Example of Mild:

His countenance is mild and pleasant, and has a highly intellectual expression.

There is hostility to it still, but mild as compared with that felt by our great-great-grandfathers.

Nevertheless all of them are similar and have a mild, sweet flavor.

But that mild and meek man had a certain strength of pertinacity.

"A kleptomaniac," Smithson explained, retaining his manner of mild insistence.

The winter was somewhat rainy, but of a mild dampness; so the air was pleasant to breathe.

After him came Weary, liberally applying quirt and mild invective.

The question was asked in a mild way as if he intended to help the carrier's memory.

The weather was exceedingly fine, mild, and unusually clear.

With an expression of mild concern upon his face he entered the workshop.