Unnerved [verb]

Definition of Unnerved:

upset, intimidate

Synonyms of Unnerved:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unnerved:

Sentence/Example of Unnerved:

The truth was, he admitted ruefully to himself, they unnerved him.

She has had a very trying and terrible experience and I do not wonder that she is unnerved.

He did not look in the least unnerved by the terrible ordeal.

"It was that madman rushing in unnerved her," Copplestone cried fiercely.

But the glassy stare of the motionless figure had unnerved her.

You are unnerved, child; the events of the morning have been too much for you.

The other girls were sorry but not really shaken or unnerved by the news.

The rapidly succeeding incidents of that day and night had unnerved him, also.

Madeleine was unnerved by the agitating incidents of the morning.

He had given way too long to maddening thoughts, and they had unnerved him.