Chill [adjective]

Definition of Chill:

cold, raw

Synonyms of Chill:

Opposite/Antonyms of Chill:

Sentence/Example of Chill:

While there’s a lot of chatter around a possible surge in coronavirus cases come fall, economists note there may also be chilling headwinds for the labor market and small businesses in the next few months.

The other is a carbon tax, a term that often sends chills through free market advocates.

When chilled, a warmer system cooled off in less time than it took a cooler system to reach the same low temperature.

I’d known Jim since grade school, and he did try to chill out when I asked him to, but he simply couldn’t control himself.

Side effects to the coronavirus vaccine include pain at the injection site, fatigue, headache, muscle aches, chills and feeling feverish.

Just have a couple minutes between school and homework to chill and acknowledge that we're home now.

Presently he began to shiver so, with some sort of a chill, that I took off my coat and wrapped it round him.

From the day of that terrible chill in the snow-storm, she had never been quite well, Ramona thought.

Though she was warmly wrapped in a soft rug of silvery fur, a chill crept into her heart.

As she walked along the chill promenade she looked with discreet curiosity at every woman she met, to see her condition.