Wintry [adjective]

Definition of Wintry:

cold, snowy

Synonyms of Wintry:

Opposite/Antonyms of Wintry:

Sentence/Example of Wintry:

Their outburst of melody is like a brook let loose from wintry chains.

It is a charming spot, even in the gloom of a wintry afternoon.

Bitter indeed must be the wintry blast, torrid the rays of summer here.

He had lived some wintry months in this condition, and had found it very bare and cold.

He himself, gazing at the wintry garden, is in appearance a steady man.

A flood of wintry sunshine suffused the interior of the dugout.

The master was in fact coming down the wintry gaslit street.

To my wintry spring of life summer had come, warm, rich and beautiful!

Tents had been left behind, and the soldiers had no shelter from the wintry air.

The scene about us was a very quiet one and wintry in the extreme.