Icebox [adjective]

Definition of Icebox:

cold, snowy

Synonyms of Icebox:

Opposite/Antonyms of Icebox:

Sentence/Example of Icebox:

The milk was mixed and ready in individual containers in the icebox but Kate had told him to be sure and have it warm.

The icebox gave me a cold Jumbo bottle and I turned on our little portable set.

A dirty icebox is almost as bad as none at all, because food will decay or take on unpleasant odors from other foods.

Grdznth problem getting to be a PRoblem, need expert icebox salesman to get gators out of hair fast.

Some prefer it decidedly cold (chilled in the icebox), others only slightly cold.

He never saw him and he would run to the bathroom and go to the icebox and get some ice, and didn't like that.

Well, I must have heard him, or he might have come in and put his milk in the icebox.

Well, I don't know—I guess he come and put the things in the icebox.

They had a new icebox, I believe, and the other furniture was all refinished, and the walls newly painted.

It is very warm, said Ruth, handing their visitor a fan and sending Agnes for a glass of cold water from the icebox.