Heated [adjective]

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Florida is a swing state, and many view the court’s decision to place a poll-tax on the formerly incarcerated as a way to suppress thousands of crucial votes in a heated election.

Ginsburg’s death will light a bonfire in an already tumultuous political season, as emotions are heated and civil unrest — even violence — has gripped the country ahead of the 2020 presidential election.

Heated gripsWe’re drifting into luxury territory here, but heated grips are a wonderful thing to have on an ATV in the north country.

If the heated smoke rose high enough, it could last for years and pose a real threat to the ozone layer.

This hot, hot heat comes from the super-heated hydrogen and helium inside the sun.

He went on, ruminating on the vain shadow, into which his over-heated ambition to act and to be distinguished, had involved him.

This fluid is then heated, adding crystals of sodium acetate until it becomes perfectly clear.

The boiler at Greenwich was heated red hot and burnt all the joints the Sunday before the explosion.

This is placed upon the stage of the microscope, and one of the projecting ends is heated with a small flame.

And the word 'Warsaw' fled across his mind… as though it fell through the heated air into his mind… from hers.