Indignant [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Indignant:

She plans to become a lawyer “so that I can bring about a legal change in the system,” she says, her voice indignant.

But Lucy had noted, out of the corner of her watchful eye, the arrival of Miss Grains, indignant and perspiring.

The injured and indignant animal gave vent to a succession of eldritch screams.

"Then he neglects his duties, that's all," replied the old gentleman with an indignant snort.

Marceau, indignant at being rebuked by a young staff officer, roughly asked, "And who are you?"

The social ambitions of the Tippetts were so definitely quenched that the indignant millionaire threatened to return to Chicago.

I talked with the men in the bar, and later wandered into the parlor where the women were, some tearful, others indignant.

She felt indignant and degraded, and was exceedingly impatient to escape from the humiliating visit.

She asked her question very modestly, but her cheeks were flushed, and she was evidently indignant.

Rather may it be said, they hate counterfeits and are indignant at the assumptions of apostate Christendom.