Miffed [adjective]

Definition of Miffed:


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Sentence/Example of Miffed:

"I just wish she were," I agreed dolefully; and if Nora didn't get miffed because we said that!

In simple terms, Joseph, you are miffed because I will not cover your bets.

Was he "miffed" because he had found Turpin in happy tte--tte with her?

Elizabeth Walbert was surprised and miffed because Dulcie had not confided in her.

It's all mother's doings, and Dolly's, because I miffed her old duke.

He swelled up, blowed and strutted about like a miffed gobbler in a barn yard!

He did know, but he was miffed to think he had missed a problem that Bertrand Ashe had been able to solve.

I declare I never in my life inserted a word between the columns of the Athenum: I feel huffed and miffed at the very supposition.

"The secretive creature did not even hint at such a thing," declared Louise, not very successfully pretending to be miffed.

It was hard for Malone to tell whether she was miffed by the mention of insanity, or at being left out.