Pleased [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Pleased:

Mrs. Rushton was pleased with this mark of attention, and after a slight demur, accepted.

He was pleased, moreover, to feel a new respect for Uncle Peter.

Parents, proceeded she, when children are young, are pleased with every thing they do.

Is she not for ever obliged (as she was pleased to hint to me) to be of the forbearing side?

They would serve to shew me, she was pleased to say, how much in earnest my father was.

Your patience, my dearest Mamma:—you were pleased to say, you would hear me with patience.

By no means it can, Madam; you will be pleased to observed, that I have said as much to him.

Every thing, I said, or nothing, as she was pleased to represent it.

Every body saw, he was pleased to say, that I had made a conquest.

She said, softly, (and again called me dear,) she was pleased with all I did.