Riled [verb]

Definition of Riled:

anger, upset

Synonyms of Riled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Riled:

Sentence/Example of Riled:

"Hetty's riled because their wives wouldn't call upon her," he cried.

D'you remember that hammer when we were boys and you riled me, up in the long room?

I apprehend he was riled at the little al-ter-cation we had just before you came on board.

"Now you're riled," said the Cuckoo, sitting down easily on her bed.

And though the Texan could not tell what they said, their laughter “riled” him.

“You put it a little too straight, and he told you something that riled you,” said one.

The more he was riled, the more he'd say to himself, 'Of course she's enjoying herself.

Magnus got riled with Joe for not giving in—he was the elder, and it was his business to begin.

All this has got me riled, and an investigator has no business to get riled.

To be plain, we have been losing a lot of valuable animals and we are all considerably "riled."