Gleeful [adjective]

Definition of Gleeful:

very happy

Synonyms of Gleeful:

Opposite/Antonyms of Gleeful:

Sentence/Example of Gleeful:

I wanted to jump and shout, but I compromised by taking Dr. Hudson down for a gleeful drink and planning our next tactic.

The result was a desperate effort at restraint, mingled with gleeful anticipation.

Gleeful, and vastly relieved, Professor Dineen slipped me twenty-five dollars out of his own pocket.

They had a gleeful anticipation that the prisoner would play some audacious pranks upon the judge.

Charlotte laughed in her face defiantly—contemptuously—with a gleeful, merry accent.

It was pretty hard for Mother Bunker to say what she thought of it because of the gleeful shouts of the children.

But they both heard the gleeful voice of their opposite neighbor and welcomed the sound.

But the crew had suddenly become gleeful, as if the quarrel between master and mate had provided a great joke.

Under the watchful eye of the gleeful crowd the manager packed an envelope with bills and wrote a check.

Far and near, the cowpunchers lifted their voices in the gleeful shout, "Chuck's ready!"