Merry [adjective]

Definition of Merry:

very happy; festive

Opposite/Antonyms of Merry:

Sentence/Example of Merry:

His aunt, the Duchess of Savoy, is a merry dame, and a wise!

Now and then, he laughed in a merry way, as if he were bantering her out of something.

Saffy came and went, by no means so merry now that she was more with Corney.

Christmas was a merry day to all but the major, who did not like the engagement any better than before.

He raised his flagon and drank to him, with a merry flash of his white teeth.

Yet, for all my care, things were not merry in the house, and I thought it well to come away.

The gentlemen looked at each other, and Max burst out into a merry laugh.

My home life—if existence in a studio can be so called—was merry.

Dreading a rejection, I solicited the interest of the merry damsel.

No longer in the winter-time, but in the merry month of May.