Convivial [adjective]

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While the hearing was mostly convivial, there were moments that underscored a partisan split on the environment.

Sure, we’ll all bring out winter coats as it becomes necessary, but eating dinner in a parka detracts from the air of convivial comfort we usually seek when going out to a restaurant.

Gone, too, is the hamlet of Garratt, whose mock elections of a Mayor caused such convivial excitement a century ago.

Night after night he was absent until the latest hours at convivial clubs and card-parties.

And then he went off to the Convivial Cannibals, where he ate an enormous tripe supper, and was more jovial and violent than ever.

A convivial club, meeting once a week, established by Gibbon and other travellers.

The brethren had begun the day by union for worship, they ended it with union for social and convivial festivity.

It is the custom for young men to vie with each other, particularly in the splendour of their convivial entertainments.

In his absence Sheridan, whose convivial habits made him acceptable to the prince, busied himself with the affairs of the party.

Walbridge had, as usual, helped by spending all his available money on things of a showy and convivial nature.