Jovial [adjective]

Definition of Jovial:


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Sentence/Example of Jovial:

In private life, all who knew him agreed as to his sympathetic, jovial, and straightforward character.

In his younger days Jacob Worse had been a little wild, and was now a jovial middle-aged man, about fifty years of age.

And then he went off to the Convivial Cannibals, where he ate an enormous tripe supper, and was more jovial and violent than ever.

At times they had a word or two in private, and Macfarlane was from first to last particularly kind and jovial.

Old Judge Mason, accustomed to seeing Barry in time of stress, tried his best to be jovial.

He was going back to serve his eighteen years in the penitentiary and was remaining jovial.

The jovial Campers became ever bluffer and heartier and fonder of them as song followed song.

All these and kindred terms are probably correlate to the jovial Gogmagog carnivals and festivals.

We shall have a jovial party on the first, and we'll give Winkle another chance—eh, old boy?'

Of the influence formerly attributed to the planets, traces survive in such epithets as mercurial, jovial, saturnine.