Companionable [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Companionable:

I'll take a dip myself, just to be companionable, and tomorrow morning we can get back to any size you like.

I have forgotten a companionable cat who each morning takes her seat on the long leather settee beside me and shares my crescents.

During the first days and nights of his mother's illness, they had talked, or sat in companionable silence, by the hour.

The whole had a combination of companionable good humor, and instant aggression when necessary.

During my absence it had pushed up higher and had spread its branches wider, but it was still the same companionable tree.

This was the young daughter of a soldier of the garrison, little Julia, nine years old, who was intelligent and companionable.

If only he had fallen in love with someone who might possibly make him happy, someone who was companionable and ambitious!

One might have become submissive and companionable with a virgin nature; to marry another woman's lover seemed ridiculous.

The friends looked at him in the admiration and envy with which anglers welcome a pleasant, companionable sort of lie.

Hl-te-ml-te-tz-te-nek-ee, ——, Sam Perryman; brother of the Chief above, and a jolly companionable man.