Conversable [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Conversable:

The Inhabitants are more genteel, more sociable, and in every respect more conversable than in the other Parts of Holland.

He was singularly kind and conversable, without affecting any official superiority.

Having no conversable companion, I take to my ever faithful and silent friend, the fragrant cigar, and start for a stroll.

Thus, I was unable to judge whether Mr. Cronin was as conversable after feeding-time as before it.

I seldom meet with a man who puts himself more immediately on conversable terms than the Commodore.

He is extremely pleasing, responsive, and conversable, and his admiration of the place was most intense and natural.

In the same carriage with me there was a very conversable person—a smart young man with flaming red hair.

She was amicable, conversable, all that was agreeable as a woman, and she was the chillest of wives.

Here are you and I, who consider ourselves twice as presentable and conversable as she, two old maids.

I, with others, had spoken with Captain Sublet, and him we found conversable and communicative.