Affable [adjective]

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In manners affable, and in benevolence unsurpassed, the Kentucky planter gains the plaudits of all.

Col. Moore, a veteran politician of the Old Dominion, was a most pleasant and affable gentleman, and a great lisper withal.

Montaigne would say:219 I will have elbow-room: I will be courteous and affable according to my fancy, without fear or remorse.

It was the rule to be courteous, affable, gentlemanly, for all this was in harmony with the severity of art.

She had seen him on his former visit, and remembered favourably his genial good-humour and affable bearing.

So the latter sternly asked him if he was the sentry, and he received the affable reply: "I am; and I am vera cold."

Be yielding to thy superior; be affable toward the young; be friendly with all mankind.

Evidently when passing the mower he had wagged an affable tail against the knife and it had got caught.

I distrust that too affable little race from the other side of the world, and I gave Mr Shoto the most perfunctory of nods.

He had patted the shoulder of the common enemy gently with his hand, and his smile had been odiously affable.