Complaining [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Complaining:

The government agencies charged with enforcing labor laws don’t investigate because nobody is complaining.

She messaged a friend to ask whether any of her classmates had complained.

If nobody complains, there is rarely proactive investigation or enforcement.

In January, several women came forward as a group to complain about his behavior.

Rattled by the letter, Rhine complained to Jung, who tried to track down the critical piece but found no evidence of its existence.

In early 2018, Apple confirmed it had been intentionally throttling the speeds of some older phones to avoid battery-related problems and offered cheap battery upgrades to extend the life of many handsets after customers complained.

When she first complained about Clarkson’s behavior, she didn’t necessarily want it to become public, she said, only for the invitations and messages and visits to stop.

After the developer complained publicly, Apple said the app could stay as long as it followed other app-review guidelines.

She complained that the tweets weren’t labeled quickly enough and that their language was too weak.

I have in all my years doing a sex advice column only heard two complaints from men who were complaining about breasts getting in the way.