Praising [verb]

Definition of Praising:

congratulate; adore

Opposite/Antonyms of Praising:

Sentence/Example of Praising:

When we only spoil you by praising and quoting everything you say.

Nobody scarce doth any good, yet they all agree in praising those who do.

You've been praising me for the last ten minutes and I find your style detestable.

Such is their manner of praising the one and censuring the other.

Yes, he said; the States are as bad as the men; and I am very far from praising them.

He started in by praising his master—the Knight of the Lions!

By praising you falsely or by persuading you to try to be a good man?

Everyone seemed to be praising him, and when he went home to bed he could not sleep.

Praising and petting and alluring and crying-up are half of fortune-telling.

Instead of praising 'em, I be mad wi' 'em for being so ready to bide where they are not wanted.