Ennoble [verb]

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Buddhism failed to ennoble the daily occupations of life, and produced drones and idlers and religious vagabonds.

You will have cares,—and even those will ennoble the world to you, and you to the world.

This hero of her romance, this artist whom she was to ennoble by her love, was not even an honest man.

I want to recover faith in my mission, in my power to ennoble human souls.

He believes that the Novel should strengthen life, not undermine it; ennoble, not defile it; for it is good tidings, not evil.

What is the use of wondrous gifts of language, if they are employed to enervate, p. 19and not to ennoble, their hearers?

Whatever may be thought now, Mr. Gladstone is not the man whom posterity will ennoble with the title of either ‘great’ or ‘good.’

When such a woman marries, if her husband only wins her esteem and regard, he wins enough to ennoble his whole life.

It may be rather said to ennoble him by devoting him to the gods.

The motives that sway and ennoble the common conduct of men were powerless over the ruling classes.