Demote [verb]

Definition of Demote:

downgrade, lower in rank

Synonyms of Demote:

Opposite/Antonyms of Demote:

Sentence/Example of Demote:

The report further argues that “Google has also actively demoted certain rivals through imposing algorithmic penalties.”

According to Wikipedia “At age 21, she worked for the Social Security Administration office in Oklahoma, where she was demoted after becoming pregnant with her first child.”

Murphy fiercely denies those allegations, but shortly after the reports were published, he was demoted from his position and reassigned to an administrative support role.

For example, Bing might demote name-calling and offensive statements.

The Narendra Modi government also bifurcated the state and demoted it to two union territories of Jammu & Kashmir and Leh.

Unless he has a good excuse I shall demote him, by making you first mate.

Billy Kasker wandered off for a few moments and I had to demote him.