Relegate [verb]

Definition of Relegate:

assign, transfer

Synonyms of Relegate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Relegate:

Sentence/Example of Relegate:

All good Americans, we are told, relegate the sojourn to a more distant future.

To begin with, we must relegate Selection to its proper place.

But this does not relegate these civilized nations to savagism.

On the other hand, we shall not relegate the old to an almshouse.

He seemed to relegate self to the background; he was considerate, quiet, serene.

Deity as you are, I relegate you to the rank of a mere mortal'?

Happy the men who relegate Their pleasures, vanities, and state To us.

Indeed, the Americans are the only people who relegate the dance to the young alone.

We relegate to an appendix some remarks on the debated questions.

I have reflected where to send him and I have concluded to relegate him to Britain.