Entrust [verb]

Definition of Entrust:

give custody, authority to

Synonyms of Entrust:

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Sentence/Example of Entrust:

Still, he said, if France desired to entrust her independence and glory to one man she could choose none better than Bonaparte.

I have not been able to read these pages, and have been compelled to entrust their revision to other eyes and other hands.

If you are obliged to entrust it to a strange nurse, you shall make her a reasonable allowance.

It was to their credit that they sought out godly men, to whom they might entrust the cure of souls.

He found there would be little difficulty in prevailing on Major Bridgenorth to entrust him with the guardianship of his daughter.

It was decided to entrust a similar expedition to the North to Maupertuis.

In sarcastic allusion to those who entrust matters of importance to youthful or inexperienced persons.

Give us just one call, and you will entrust future embalmings and obsequies in your family to no other firm.

Jimmy, said the managing editor, this is a very serious and important mission which I am about to entrust to you.

"I want to entrust a secret to you—a great secret," he went on a few seconds later.